Crafting beauty from the elements

Terra Sculpta Creations was formed by its director-sculptor David Ducharme andsculptor Susanne Ruseler who together have morethan 40 years of experience in the world of  sculpting in ephemeral and permanent mediums.

David and Susanne both started sculpting sand, ice and snow in 2003, taking part in projects of all sizes around  the world.

We offer our services creating high quality sculptures in any material,

 for events, celebrations, competitions, entertainment, festivals, holidays, parties, promotions, exhibitions, wherever someone wishes to stand out and create a sense of awe, big or small.Terra Sculpta is part of a network of world wide master sculptors that allows us to bring your vision to reality wherever you are in the world.

We love sand, ice and snow. They are natural materials that by their essence attract the public, get built on the spot and allow us to create giant sculptures in a relatively short time.